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Fish Hut the sea food restaurant in Dubai  by giving you a good feast with a healthy cuisine which is the combination of fresh fish and sea foods with the green salads with in an awesome atmosphere.The restaurant has a good ambiance and is the perfect place to enjoy the real sea food delicacies and foodies. This Sea food Restaurant catches the fresh seasonal King Fish, Sheri,Kofer, Hamour, Sea breams, Tiger Prawns, Shrimp, Crabs, Squid (Calamari) etc. The restaurants is attracted to all sea food lovers with the tasty food with happy valets.Selection of various local fishes is displayed in the chiller for us to select and cooked in perfection as we wish. Grilled, Charchoal, Thava Fry, boiled fish and much more.

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As the name suggest Fish Hut is for the ultimate fish lovers and as i am one of them this ones my favorite place in Dubai.I had been here for three times and every time its just too delicious to resist.The fish are very fresh and delicious and the spices used by the team are too good.Basically i have tasted fish with Lime & Thyme.Red Chilly paste,Rosemary all in charcoal cooked.

We had to go to the chiller counter to choose the fish of our choice and the good point is the price tags are always there.There are loads of fishes in the pond and from there we have to select the best ones.The fishes laid there give sme the feeling of actual fishing back at our home in India.

For Starters me and my Hubby another fish lover always orders the Squids and prawns for it.Both these fishes are mixed with Lime & Thyme or Rosemary to get that perfect taste.The fish are so perfectly cooked in charcoal and so smoothly mixed with the spices and herbs that taste just tingles in my mouth for days..We are served complimentary Soup which is again very delicious and healthy with  a plate of salads.From the entry to the exit is like just another home away form home.


 Then comes our delicious starters for what we are waiting with the perfect mix of Spices and herbs specially The red Chilly Paste and Lime & Thyme served with a lime butter sauce.

Squids with Lime & Thyme
Squids with Lime & Thyme
Prwans with Lime & Thyme...
Prwans with Lime & Thyme…
Prawns &  Squid in Red Chilly Paste
Prawns & Squid in Red Chilly Paste

Main Course

After having these delicious starters we are now craving for the most awaited main course which is a black pom fret cut into exactly the middle to make it to so that we can have two different types of spices and also totally two different types of fishes to taste.One half we ordered for Rosemary and the other one was Spicy.Believe me the same fish cut into halves totally tasted differently.Really appreciate their idea of doing this unique creativity.

Pomfret in Rosemary and Spicy
Pomfret in Rosemary and Spicy
Pomfret in Lime & Thyme and Spicy...
Pomfret in Lime & Thyme and Spicy…

Alls well that ends well and this is the perfect ending of a deliciously fabulous dinner.The choice of Fishes with the perfect mix of Spices and herbs is their secret ingredient to success,The staff were very friendly and polite and was always there to give the best suggestion.The ambiance was very good and so is the location with a huge parking available,

  • Cuisine: Seafood,Continental
  • Timings : 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
  • Price : 100 aed for 2 people approx.
  • Location : Behind Karishma Beauty Center,Near Lamcy Plaza,Street 8,Oud Metha

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For reservation please contact : 04 5509215

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