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Iftar at QD’S – Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

QD’s is the ultimate place to chill out with a shisha or pizza and snacks, whilst enjoying spectacular creek views,As soon as you enter the place you feel as if you are taken into a different world altogether. It is brilliantly nestled in the grounds of the spruced-up Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and offers some stunning views of Dubai skyline.QD’s is a must-visit during the winter months. A classy open-air affair watching the sun crash down beyond the Creek with a cocktail in your hand is spectacular,the wood-decked bar offers superb views across the Creek.

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Ramadan in QD’S

The dedicated Ramadan Tent at QD’s offers Iftar and Suhour in one of Dubai’s most traditional locations. The daily Iftar buffet offers a selection of traditional hot and cold Arabic mezzeh,Middle Eastern and international main courses and delicious desserts with selected juices and traditional Arabic sweets and dates.

Yesterday was a day to be remembered as one of our friend suggested this place for Iftar in a very traditional way.As reservation is recommended my friend booked a table before hand and we were led by the by the charming staffs over there. AS it was time to break our fast we were advised to fill up our plates..

For Starters

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There was the spreads of

Cold Mezzeh – Hummus,Moutabel,Tabouleh,Oriental Salad,Mujadara,Fried Eggplant Salad,Baba Ganoush etc…

Hot Mezzeh – Foul Madamas,Kibbeh,Vegetable samosa,Chicken wings etc..

Salad Bar – Tomato,Cucumber,Radicchio,Carrots,Celery,Red Cabbage,Sweet corn etc..

For Soup Shorbat Addas with Pita Crouton was served

Juices – Kamer Aldin,Laban,Jallab

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The plates look so very colorful and delicious and each and every dishes were perfect with the spices and the herbs,so fresh and tender inside the mouth.I had very high expectations and they just surpassed it.

For Main Course 

The dishes were so well presented with each section labelled and kept for the Foodies like me to just gobble it as it was very enticing in taste and also to look at. The main course spread was Lamb Briyani, Roasted Chicken,Marinated Shish Taouk,Hammour Saidia,Seafood Lasagna,Shrimp Harra,Vermecilli Rice,Vegetable Jalfrezzi,Arayer,Sauteed potatoes etc…

The spread was just like some beautiful and fresh garden of dishes and each and every counter was placed with their respective chefs to serve and guide us at the same time..   Featured image  Featured image  Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageT

The Beefs and Lambs were just heaven inside the mouth so accurately cut and mixed perfectly with the the best combination of spices and herbs.the food was a bit different from other places and was very light which is perfect to beak the fast with.The choice were ample and so it served mostly my favorite dishes with a very different taste which i recommend to be the best.

Live Station of Ouzi which was prepared by the Senior Chef Mr.Roy with whom i had a talk and and was so humble and polite. He was afraid that he would spoil my blog by having a photo of him but due to his presence my blog now gets the most appraisal and the “WOW” factor.

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Senior Chef Mr.Roy in his live station

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The Ouzi was deliciously prepared with lods of choices like strawberry,chocolate,pineapple,banana etc..It was very tempting and the taste was like some mouth watering ripen strawberry on a hot afternoon.

My Favorite Section The Desert which i had been looking for a long time was a huge section with my favorites Um Ali,Rice Pudding,Cream Caramel,Kunafa,Muhallabia,Fruit Salad,Sliced fresh fruits,dates etc..

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The desert was like ‘Alls Well That Ends Well’ so perfect combination of cream,butter,milk,bread and the sugary element was just too mild which was the most essential feature and specialty of the chefs.

The ambiance as already mentioned was very traditional perfect for the Ramadan Season and it varies according to the Season demands and availability.The Chefs,the staffs were very hospitable and the best part was they were guiding us on every dishes and encouraging us to try the different dishes prepared by their creativity and uniqueness.The best time to visit is around twilight when wafts of shisha curl through the evening air while dhows chug by.

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